What are Chemical Peels and How they Enhance Your Skin?

Chemical peel is a rejuvenating cosmetic treatment that helps to improve uneven skin tone and dark spots in no time. In this procedure generally, a solution is applied to the skin to get rid of damaged skin cells and reduce discoloration or pigmentation spots. The solutions used are  basically medicines at a unique pH that penetrate through different layers of skin in a controlled manner. Thus they help to improve the skin texture and overall appearance. 

Prepping for a chemical peel session? 

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Before we dig deep into chemical peels and their benefits, it is important to throw some light on the basics of this procedure. 

The initial steps will include getting your medical history verified and then proceeding with the treatment so that there are no complications before or after receiving the treatment. This review generally comprises health history about diabetes, photosensitivity, pregnancy status, nutritional deficiency, facial surgeries, chronic skin conditions, sun exposure and more. 

Next steps may involve a physical exam that will determine the health, thickness, and condition of your skin, giving a more clear review of your skin status to your doctor. It is advised to use non-residue soaps and face washes and avoid makeup on your skin before and a few days after the procedure. 

What to expect during the procedure? 

This procedure is an intricate one which is usually performed in a well-lit and open ventilated room or surrounding. You would be reclined for the treatment and your eyes will be protected. After the position is secured, a neutral paste will be applied near and around your eyes, nose and lip area in order to prevent the chemical peel paste from stagnating there.  

Light Chemical Peel 

This superficial peel lightly exfoliates your skin as it removes the epidermis a.k.a your top most skin layer. This chemical peel is widely used to get rid of uneven skin tone, dark spots and acne. 

Medium Chemical Peel 

As the name suggests, this peel is mildly stronger than a light peel. This treatment not only removes the epidermis (top layer of skin) but also the first layer of dermis. This chemical peel works best for wrinkles, ageing spots, and acne scars. 

Deep Chemical Peel 

So, this chemical peel, as you might already know, removes the epidermis along with the uppermost and middle layers of your dermis. For this procedure, dermatologists usually recommend local anaesthesia right before the procedure. This type of chemical peel is best suited for precancerous patches, deep scars, and deep wrinkles. Deep chemical peels are best avoided in skin of colour.


The main reason why people choose chemical peels for their skin transformation is acne and post acne marks. The procedure helps break down comedones, kill bacteria, diminish inflammation, reduce oil production, and absorption of topical treatments. 

Want to get rid of acne scars? Chemical peels are also effective in the treatment of superficial acne scars. Acne scars become prominent once acne is healed as our skin tends to lose some collagen as a result of the inflammatory reaction occuring in acne breakouts. This loss of collagen fibres can create atrophic scars that appear as depressions on skin. Here, comes the role of chemical peel solution– using this, the topmost layer of skin leading to chemical resurfacing.

Chemical peels are suitable for many people with various skin conditions. It definitely helps you get rid of acne marks, unwanted spots, precancerous growth, dullness, hyper pigmentation, ageing skin, fine lines, liver spots and dryness. But people with saggy skin, cold sores, deep wrinkles, abnormal skin scarring, psoriasis or dermatitis, on oral acne treatment, or have a compromised immune system should avoid following this treatment. 

Chemical peel is a healthy option for your skin if you need to rejuvenate and reinvent it in a shorter period of time. Chemical peels are a quick, secure and cost effective way for skin rejuvenation. In order to maintain healthy skin, try to routine cleanse, moisturise, and minimise sun exposure as much as you can. Say hello to healthy, glowing skin that resonates with your personality and charm. 

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