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At Dermasure, Dr. Shirin combines years of expertise with the latest skincare technology to offer the most effective solutions for your skin hair. 

We’re the one stop solution for conditions like:

  • Acne, eczema, warts, and psoriasis 
  • Acne scarring and Laser 
  • Hair fall and Hair removal

Plagued by these or some other problem?

Popular Treatments at Best Dermatologist in South Delhi – Dermasure

Dr. Bakshi addresses both medical and aesthetic dermatological concerns. As a dermatologist wise beyond her years, she spearheads DermaSure clinic in Delhi and continues to transform lives with her ambitious drive, unyielding professionalism and a strong ethical code that she swears by every day.

Here are what treatments at Dermasure look like: 

Medical DermatologyAesthetic Dermatology
Helping you control or put an end to debilitating symptoms or problems compromising your quality of life:

Fungal Infection

Everything you need to feel confident in your body, and beyond:
Chemical Peels
Laser Hair Removal
Laser for Pigmentation treatment
Carbon Laser
Tattoo Removal
Mole Removal
Dark Circle Reduction
Acne Scars Treatment

Apart from these, Dr. Shirin also specializes in treating hair fall and providing anti-ageing treatments including Botox, Fillers and and Skin Tightening.

Want to feel your most confident self? Leave your concerns to the best dermatologist in delhi. 

What to Expect from Your Treatment at Top Dermatologist in Delhi – Dermasure

We have a system in place for everything to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction. 

  • Your First Visit 

You book an appointment at the clinic. The dermatologist takes a good look into your condition, and asks how long you’ve had that condition for. They guage intensity, possible causes, course of action and other factors that are critical to ease your discomfort.

  • Taking Necessary Steps

The dermatologist suggests recovery time, medications or lifestyle changes needed to control or do away with the condition. This includes pro-active steps by the dermatologist to understand and control the underlying causes of the condition. 

  • Actual Treatment

This may include in-person treatments adminsitered by the dermatolgy professionals. Recovery down-time and procedures depend on condition. All our treatments are painless and minimally invasive — we believe in making most impact without causing discomfort.

  • Immaculate Results 

Experience the difference after consulting top dermatologist in delhi. It’s possible that the dermatologist may ask you to continue the medications or practices to keep the condition in control — this may apply for conditions like Vitiligo and warts.

When is The Right Time To Consult  Dr. Shirin Bakshi #1 of The Best Dermatologist in Delhi NCR

Usually, most people wait till a problem deteriorates enough to put up with. Common hair conditions like warts and acne can get worse with time, leaving permanent scares on the skin or bald patches in case of incessant hairfall.

When troubled with a problem, don’t suffer in silence. Seek professional help for your dermatologic concerns and we’ll devise a personalized treatment plan keeping you in mind. Our focus is always to minimize recovery down-time and maximize your comfort. 

To conclude, the right time to consult the best dermatologist delhi NCR would be best put as “the earlier, the better.” As soon as you bring up your concerns, we will prioritize your experience over anything else. 

Dr. Shirin (skin and hair Specialist) — The First Choice for All Your Skin & Hair Problems

For Dr. Shirin, quality is not an option, but a destination that she strives to reach at all times.  With a patient first-approach, here’s why Dermasure is preferred over other dermatology clinics in Delhi: 


Dr. Shirin Bakshi truly brings the best of medical excellence and quality expertise in her practice. As a licensed skin specialist based in South Delhi, she completed her MBBS at the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College. She later went on to pursue an MD in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology from the world-renowned Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.

Patient-Focused Treatments: 

Everything at Dermasure is centered around making you feel your best self. Dr. Shirin Bakshi takes a very straightforward and pragmatic approach to treating all of her cases, wherein she adopts only evidence-based medicine and always prioritizes patients’ comfort above anything

Top-of-the-line Technology:

From equipment to human operations, Dermasure surpasses industry standards and provides quality medical care at no hidden or extra fees. For instance, skin tightening is one of the in-demand treatments that utilize (High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology in bringing exceptional results.

Skin, Hair and Everything in Between:

Dr. Shirin Bakshi is a proven expert in treating hair fall, skin conditions, nails problems and more through her quality treatments. She empowers her patients to achieve healthy skin and hair to reach their personal and aesthetic goals. With a thorough commitment to understanding the root cause of a problem, Dr. Shirin is a top dermatologist in delhi who utilizes her knowledge of the human body’s anatomy to suggest the best course of treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although skin and hair procedures are not risk-free, when performed by a professional dermatologist such as Dr. Shirin, you can experience better results at lowest recovery down-time and minimized risks.

Some conditions like rosacea and keloids need continuous medical attention to control the symptoms, while treatments like hair fall, minor acne and pigmentation can be treated in a few sittings. it’s advised to follow the post-treatment instructions provided by your dermatologist to prolong the results. This may include avoiding direct sun exposure, keeping the skin hydrated, and avoiding harsh skincare products.

At Dermasure, we address patient problems at the clinic since it’s best to determine the solutions based on the intensity, which may not be possible through virtual arrangement. As we’re known for our exceptional skincare treatments and services, our clinic offers a comprehensive range of skincare solutions, including personalized skincare plans tailored to individual needs.

To book an appointment, please leave your details here or call the clinic directly. We’ll assist you in scheduling an appointment at a convenient time.

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