Are Botox Treatments Safe? Everything you Need to Know about Botox

Botox Treatment

Fillers and botox are changing the idea of beauty around the world. These two non-surgical enhancements are so popular that surgeries and invasive aesthetic practices seem long gone. Inevitably, there comes a time in every woman’s life when they want to look flawless and exhilarating but in their own conventional and unique manner. For such a thought process, botox might be a good idea if you want to target fine lines and wrinkles over your face. 

With the lives we are leading, there is a natural desire to look better and compare ourselves with others. As a result there is an increasing tendency for people to feel conscious about their looks and lifestyles. 

This is exactly why the desire to have smooth, plumped and glass skin is overflowing. The purpose behind looking younger and more pleasing to the crowds has become the new Social media trend of today’s era, often known as the “Instagram face”. One of the most safest and natural ways to boost confidence and exude sophistication is to get fillers and botox. 

All about Botox 

Botulinum toxin injections are generally available under the brand named Botox. It is originally derived from a bacteria, Clostridium Botulinum that is usually found in plants, soil, water or animal intestines. Botulinum toxin undergoes a vigorous purification to get a concentrated and sterile form suitable for injection. It is used in very small doses to treat various skin concerns.

The most important thing before getting any treatment is to plan things out with your doctor. The primary focus is to know what exactly you want to get done, your goals and expectations from this treatment. For any further information regarding your treatment, your doctor should be able to educate you. Always feel free to ask any questions and queries that you may have before getting the treatment or starting your sessions with your medical consultant. 

During your routine medical history process, you might witness some factors differ, like your genetic roots, ethnicity, and even some medical conditions that are underlining to your health conditions but that is completely normal. 

Getting botox for the sake of beauty? 

Before getting any kind of non-invasive therapy, be sure to read and educate yourself enough about the process and its intakes. If we talk about the industry, there are very few trusted places that can offer excellent and advanced skin treatment services in India. One such hospital is Dermasure Clinic led by Dr Shirin Bakshi. This clinic is among one of the most renowned places for skin treatments in Delhi and for a reason. It is led by dermatologists who have a deep understanding of the skin medical processes along with years of experience in doing the same. 

And yes, botox has become the most common aesthetic procedure globally and the results are very subtle yet gratifying. It is so beyond popular now that people all around the world are getting behind it as well. Although, these non invasive surgeries are creating a whirr globally, India is still quite new to this. The notion of getting facial surgeries and treatments is famously increasing nowadays as the world begins to get more and more technologically advanced. 

When is the right age to get botox? 

Botox has become more and more famous over the past few years and the reason is its impeccable effects. Ladies always want to look spotless and youthful. 

The ideal age to get botox can be estimated around thirty. This is the age when the collagen content of the skin starts to decrease and wrinkles and spots become more visible. At this age, it is also very crucial to not only take care of your skin but to also eat healthy so that you can maintain your skin health. It is also crucial to consider lifestyle changes and talking to your doctor about how it may impact your skin. 

Botox is not a way out of ageing problems but just a confidence booster for many. It is rightly said, ‘when you feel young, you feel good.’ Getting a smoother skin texture and delaying signs of ageing helps you get along with your life better. 

Botox and fillers instil a feeling of self assurance for many. And that is completely alright. When choosing such procedures, always be sure about why you want to do it and don’t do it just to compare with the societal pressure for beauty standards these days. 

Many dermatologists would recommend you to focus on the quality of your skin, follow a regimen and exfoliate daily. Include necessary nutrients to your diet and drink lots of water to prevent chapped and rough skin conditions. There are many treatments that can help you relieve yourself from a set of skin problems and all of them are just as implicit. Make sure to learn and choose the type of treatment that deems perfect to you. 

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